Thursday, 17 April 2008

Did I say I want a leave ?

Considering that I thought I would be learning to take leaves, as a part of my "Equipping oneself with Real-time Job-Experience", a book that I once thought of writing as a part of all the drama's I'd have done, I can now say that I haven't been close to even being in the vicinity of "Being Successful". Sad. Pathetic, in fact. Coming to think of it, when I once took leave for the Telugu new year (Ugadi), my PL even commented "New year comes every year. But this project won't". And I knew it would be a tough time for my book. That I've taken that leave for the new year, is another point. But the thing is, falling down from keeping my regular health and mastering "The Art of Losing", my whole perception of taking the leave has changed. Too bad. I haven't thought that my plan would back fire right from my first place where the whole origin of the thought is challenged. Anyway, I had to take sick leave of almost two months which made my whole set of leaves to zephyr, saving the sick leaves that come in every new quarter. And now, I have got a transfer of location, the basis of which was that I have committed "not to take leave until 3 months", the period which is going to end soon, and the reason for this blog entry.
Right now, my job profile is so good that I hardly want to take leave. Being a point-of-contact for a team which uses a software product that fails as often as the power cuts that used to occur in Shakkarnagar during the 90's, really is a challenging, though not intimidating job. And I tell you the frequency of power cuts was really high.
Enough now. I think I'll rethink my strategies, and change the title of my book to "21 Proven ways to pretend you're working". And hey, this is not about being idle. It is useful for that too but the purpose of this one would be to tell your manager that you are working when you are really, seriously working. Yes, there are managers who think you don't work even though you do. And it all depends on how you tell it. As for me, I have already got appreciated from my Delivery Manager within a period of two-months-odd-days of joining the project. A task which I myself used to consider tougher than reading Garfield. You don't know, I hate that silly cat and strongly believe it is a meaningless piece of crap. No offense. But really all that boring cat with its bulging eyes does is watch an ant move from one end of the panel to the other until you feel so irritated that you might go to your boss and say "You're fired". By the way, did this comparison go right ? I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

The era of Songs

Most of my life can be viewed as series of era's of Songs, mostly intermittent. The thing is, I become attached to a few set of songs, and mostly from one singer, for a definite period of time and anytime I listen to those songs, I'll be reminded of the period of my life when I used to sing them. And I sing these songs until I get ones that I didn't listen to earlier.

Right now, its U2 that I am humming. Man, you should listen to some of their songs. You see their lyrics are so vague that most of those who listen to them feel that they are written especially for them. And that is considered one of the reasons why U2 is arguably the best band around since long time, the 80's. They have such beautiful beats and The Edge is wonderful on the guitar. Do you know this guy is so good at guitar (Electric guitar) that he experimented playing the electric guitar with a magnetic pic. You know, the effect of magnetic field over electric field, and all that stuff that we learnt in our Plus 2.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Clash of the Titans

Yes, I know its exaggerated. But it was Liverpool vs Arsenal played for the third time in seven days, and looking from my red tinted glasses, I found only happiness when we(Liverpudlians, aka the Kops, aka The Reds) thrashed life out of Arsenal. I know this is going over the top, but hey, Arsenal played wonderfully in the first half. But then we do come back from the dead too often. And this time, we struck in the last 6 minutes of the game and the gunners had to go home disappointed. But you guys really played well, I mean the whole season ofcourse. So as we gear up for the upcoming semi-final against Chelsea (BTW, this is football that I am talking about. Coming from a cricket-fanatic nation, I had to say that. And this is Champions league that I am talking about). Hopefully, we'll meet either Barcelona or the Red Devils (Man U's) in the final and I sincerely hope it would be Man U that we thrash.

I am not a crazy Liverpudlian as such, but I just love the way Gerrard plays. So as I am still trying to manage life, I find relief in watching these matches.
Hail Football. And don't call it Soccer. It's football always.