Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Falling in love with the strings...

A few years ago, had one told me that I should listen to Violin, I'd have shown contempt. I used to wonder when I saw people learning Violin, when I myself tried a hand on Piano and Guitar. I was quite immature then. Music, as things go, is beautiful even if it is made from a steel plate and a spoon. But back then I'd have scorned.

I guess it was an year ago that I fell in love with Violin, but didn't know it. I liked the music when I heard it, but couldn't discover that it was the this stringed instrument that I loved most (in a few songs). I've just discovered it a week ago. And am I glad !

I guess I owe most of this discovery to Damien Rice's songs. I am not sure if people liked that part of his music, but it was one of the big reasons to love his songs. Listen to the part starting at 3:30 in Cold Water, or Amie and you'd know. I guess it gels amazingly well with his voice to make it a complete piece.

And then there's this orchestra from Andre Rieu that played instrumental version of "Annie's song" (originally by John Denver) that I really liked. While I already love the original song, this instrumental version with Violin took me by surprise as I found that I liked the Violin sound. And then suddenly I realized that I like most of Damien Rice's songs because of this. Things fell into proper places...

I started liking this girl Taylor Davis when I heard the "Alchemist Brothers" Violin version. It's originally in some animated series OST but this Violin version is the first I heard of that. She plays really good.

And then there's this instrument Cello, one that I didn't even know how it looked like until a minute ago. I heard it's name a lot of times but never cared to look it up. In India, people seldom play it. My discovery of Cello has to be attributed solely to the game "Braid" which had a very positive impact both in terms of gaming and music. I really loved the music a lot and as I was searching for its OST, I found that it was by Jami Sieber (and Cheryl Ann Fulton, Shira Kammen) and that she's a Cellist. Fantastic stuff. Check out Maenam, Downstream from her.

By the way, the Braid artwork is brilliant too. The background pictures were as fresh as a morning daisy.

Monday, 5 November 2012


Who, having seen the sun set, can not be romantic about life ?